Customer Spotlight: Robbie’s C7 Z06 Z07 x BC Forged HCA384s

The C7 Corvette is a car we hold near and dear. Especially since we own one as well. When we met Robbie it was over social media out of sheer chance. A few conversations and a bond was born. A bond created not just because the car is camo and Robbie is a cool dude, but also over our love for lack of compromise when it comes to the C7 Corvette. We both love to set these cars up for ourselves in full “track mode”. Robbie’s C7 Z06 Z07 package with CCB brakes is no exception.

This set up here is unique in specs as we pushed the limits of the offset on the factory body by using the GM recommended FULL track alignment settings. Which leaves a LOT of wheel gap with the added camber. To get these wheels flush it took a keen eye and some seat time to make sure the car would have no rubbing or interference while remaining PERFECTLY flush. Robbie wanted to keep from a driving dynamic perspective the 19/20 wheel sizing while making these flush and functional. What we built was a concave masterpiece of forged aluminum from some on point calculations of the car versus alignment specs.

Now onto the details!


BC Forged HCA384s

Exposed hardware

Max concave


19×10.5”+32 front

20×12.5”+38 rear


Face: Brushed Dark Black Gloss

Lip/Barrel: Brushed Bronze Gloss

Hardware: Black

Cap: Color Match

Valve Stem black


C7 Corvette Z06 Z07

CCB brakes

Full track alignment spec

Check out a full video feature of the car with the wheels on Rob’s Channel!

Words by: James T Curtis

Customer: @robshouseofficial

Photographer: @redline_enthusiasts

Shop Car Spotlight: James’ 2019 Corvette Gransport X BC Forged LE10 X Toyo R888R

The Corvette is one of few cars that shaped my childhood. I spent a lot of my childhood years hearing stories of my dad’s 1969 Corvette and sneaking out in my uncle Greg’s 1971 Lt1 convertible whenever I could. The 1971 Corvette LT1 is the car I leaned to drive manual transmission on, do my first real burn out in, and really cemented my love for the Corvette. I would root for any Corvette I saw at the track, go to every local Corvette show and meet. I was hooked.

It’s a surprise to me a bit that I waited until the last C7 to buy my FIRST Corvette. I was looking for a clean C6 Z06 and found myself entranced at the 2019 Corvette Gransport in Elkhart Lake Blue. The past 2 years with this car I haven’t really gone wild yet. I lowered it on factory bolts, did the Z07 stage 3 wickerbill rear, and an MGW flat stick short throw. We certainly have more aero and power mods planned for the future! Details on that soon.

The one part I knew I wanted to knock out of the park was the wheel set up. Anyone who knows me knows I prefer traction and performance than pure stance. I had 3 needs: A modular wheel with a lip, and 19/19 R888R. Here is the set-up we came up with! I wanted no rubbing, or issues at speed. I wanted a true track day set-up I could run on the street. Traction > ALL!

Now, onto the details.

BC Forged LE10
Register Shift Face
Flat Lip

19×10.5 +35
19×12 +50

Matte Bronze Center
Gloss Brushed Bronze Lip/Barrel
Black Hardware

Tire Specs:
Toyo R888R

Car Info:
2019 Corvette Gransport
Steel Brakes
Lowered on factory bolts

For more information or to purchase wheels please click here

Owner/Words by: James T. Curtis
Photographers: @missamagnificent / @doctor_dario

Customer Spotlight: Alex’s C7 Z06 x BC Forged MLE10

Being a Corvette owner myself and total nerd for these cars: I LOVE seeing different renditions and interpretations that we come up with based on customer use and need. These cars are very adaptable and have LOTS of room for activities. Alex came to us with a need for a street set up he would LOVE to drive and won’t negatively affect performance. One of the most surprising complaints for a street set up for the C7 Z/GS cars is the OEM Michelin Pilot Sport tires.

The OEM PSS tires have an uncanny ability to make the car feel unstable from tramlining. This is the tendency of a car to follow the contours in the surface. (The term comes from the tendency of a car’s wheels to follow the normally recessed rails of street trams, without driver input in the same way that the train does.)

This can be super unnerving for these cars at high speed. The Pilot 4s tire has a GREAT ability to eliminate A LOT of that feeling. It also does a great job for a street tire putting down the Z06 power and handling rain. A great all around summer performance tire. We were excited to see Alex test out this set up especially since we went with such a bright set of colors for the LE10 on this car.

Now, onto the details!

Wheel Design:
BC Forged MLE10
Step lip 
Register shift face  

19×9.5 +22
19×11.5 +40

Michelin Pilot 4s

Face: brushed 
Lip: polished/brushed 
Bolts: black 

Car Info:
C7 Corvette Z06
Carbon Brakes

Words by: James T. Curtis
Customer: @1slowc7z
Photographer: @auto_rmh

Customer Spotlight: Ben’s C6 Z06 X BC Forged TD01

I think you all know by now that I have a thing for Corvette’s. For me I love the classic Corvettes, own a modern Corvette and can seriously appreciate the C6 generation in GS/Z form. This example is no different. Had it been for sale a year ago I probably would have jumped to snag this immaculate 2009 Lingenfelter Z06 Corvette.

This wasn’t the first set we did for Ben. He first came to us for a set of Forgestar F14s. A setup he liked for the car, but really wanted something special to bring the car together. Shown below is the Forgestar F14 in Deep Concave sized in 19×10 +30 and 19×12 +50. Finish= Gloss Black. A solid set up for sure.

Shown here is the mono-block forged step lipped BC Forged TD01 in Gloss Brushed Black. The car is lowered perfectly sitting on Fortune Auto Coilovers and running a 295/30/19 front – 345/30/19 rear combo by Michelin for the tire set up. Can you say C6 Z06 Perfection?

My favorite part about a brushed black is just how much the color changes with the lighting. In some of the following pics the color will vary from gunmetal, to black, to bronze with different lighting. This finish is a translucent finish over a brushed base. Now onto the details!

Wheel Design:
BC Forged TD01

Brushed Black

19×10.5 +33
19×12.0 +48

Car info: 
2009 Corvette Z06
Stock brakes
Fortune Auto Coilovers
295/30/19 front | 345/30/19 rear

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos: @jeremybernash / @stevenbwphotography
Owner: @got_rpm

Customer Spotlight: Shimraaz’s 03 Cobra x BC Forged MLE52

What can I say? You may start to notice a pattern with us when it comes to the types of cars we do. The 2003-04 Cobra is one of our staple cars. BC Forged is one of our #1 partners in the wheel industry. It should be no surprise to see this combination become a popular one in the Cobra Community through us here at Wheel Lab. A community we know, love and actually contribute with our own shop 03 Sonic Blue Cobra. (Shown here)

BC Forged is so hard to beat for customers who want true customization, quality forged wheels, no up charges on custom colors and not to mention a short lead time. BC Forged hits those marks every time, including the 3-5 week lead time. Not to mention did you see how absolutely amazing Shimraaz’s Cobra looks?

Lets take a closer look at the wheels and the car.

Step lipped, flush mount center with a focus on maximizing the lip on this set up. Absolutely stunning set of wheels. Now, onto the details!

Wheel Design:
Step Lip (MLE) 
Flush mount center

Brushed Clear Center 
Polished Lip / brushed inner 
Stainless Hardware 

18×9.5 et25
18×11 et19

Car info: 
2003-04 Cobra
Wilwood BBK front brake kit

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos: @svt_creecy
Owner: @paradiselivin_svt

Customer Spotlight: Derek’s C7 Z06 x BC Forged KL11 19/18″

We do A LOT of C7 Corvettes and we do them a number of different ways. Derek’s car is a great example of a different rendition based on his goal. Drive-ability with extreme traction requirements. Upfront: You see essentially a “stock” size wheel and tire combo, with a touch more offset to make it flush. This keeps the car driveable on the street. Street driving a 18×6 or 19×6 is not ALWAYS what people want to do. In this case its a BC Forged KL11 forged monoblock. Coming in at a very light 20.5 LBS in 19×10 +30!

Out back, we see a different approach. BC Forged KL11, but not in the standard 20×12 most C7 owners run. This time 18×12 +50 at 20.1 LBS each, wrapped in a Mickey Thompson ET Street SS 345/35r18. One of the stickiest tires we carry for these high horsepower C7s. Derek’s car is what I can call best of both worlds. Drive it to the strip, make a few passes so fast you get kicked out, and comfortably drive the car home after!

Now, onto the details:

Wheel Design:
BC Forged KL11

Matte Black

19×10 +30 (20.5 LBS ea) w/ 285/30r19 Continental Pro Contact
18×12 + 50 (20.1 LBS ea) w/ 345/35r18 M/T ET Street SS
w/ rear Anti-Slip Knurled Beadseats 

Car info: 
C7 Corvette Z06 Z07

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Owner: @antiv3n0mz06

Shop Car Spotlight: Kevin’s 2003 Cobra x BC Forged TD03 x Toyo Tires

This Cobra is a special Cobra for me. It belongs to one of my closest friends, and a huge supporter of Wheel Lab. Kevin, our Ford Performance Manager. Kevin’s car features a Whipple supercharger, cams, a whole bunch of e85 and a very proper tune from our friends at Performance Dyno NH. In its current configuration the car makes 931 WHP.

This is one of my absolute favorite cars to drive. This car is an absolute monster to drive. I feel very thankful for friends like Kevin who let me experience face melting acceleration thanks to his properly set up Cobra. Needless to say we NEEDED a proper wheel set up for this car to match. We like to change it up every year.

Last year it was Classics by CCW. 18×9.5 and 18×11 (feature on this set up coming soon)

Year prior it was RTS 71 by Weld Racing. 18×9 and 17×11 (feature on this set up coming soon)

So we knew we needed something DIFFERENT than what we have run before. BC Forged was very high on our list, and the new TD series was wildly intriguing to us. Finally a more customizable 1 piece wheel with a LIP! A true competitor to the SP series by CCW.

We knew we needed lightweight, forged and proper fitment for our tire partner Toyo. There is NO better option for these Cobra’s than the Toyo TQ out back with the R888R up front. We find we can drive this car hard, in just about any scenario thanks to Toyo. So BC Forged TD03 wrapped in Proxes R888R and TQ it was!

Now, onto the details. Built in 3-5 weeks. No charge on custom finishes and most important… a completion photo at the end!

Wheel Design:
BC Forged TD03

Brushed Gloss Clear

18×9.5 +22
18×11 +18

Toyo Proxes R888R 275/35r18 front
Toyo Proxes TQ 315/35r18 Rear

Car info: 
2003 Ford Mustang Cobra
Baer 6 Piston Front Brakes

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The view a lot of our friends are use to seeing with the thanks to Whipple Superchargers and Performance Dyno NH!

Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos/Owner: @intervention302

Customer Spotlight: Scott’s B8.5 S4 x Solowerks X BC Forged HCA168

The B8/8.5 generation S4 is a car we hold near and dear. A car we owned for about 4 years. This platform we are very passionate about and honestly love seeing different customer renditions of what the “perfect” S4 means to them. Scott had a unique vision and wanted a very specific look and fit. Scott’s car is running one of our favorite coilovers on the market and he wanted this set up for MAX flush with his camber and tire specs. The SPC control arms really helped us keep a fat tire at a 20×9.5 +30 offset!

Since nothing can be considered cookie cutter about Scott’s car, we knew the BC Forged line would really set off the car. Especially with a wild color scheme. 3-5 week ETA to your door. No upcharge on concave or custom finishes. Can you really beat BC Forged? In our mind, no!

Wheel Design:
HCA168 (exposed hardware)

Brushed black center
Sapphire blue lip
TI bolts

20×9.5 et+30 x4
5×112 PCD 66.56 CB

Car info: 
2015 Audi S4 (B8.5)
Solowerks Coilovers
SPC Control arms
Macan Caliper Conversion w/ ECS Wave Rotors

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos: @s550_boomer
Owner: @b8s4carbon

Customer Spotlight: Julio’s C7 Corvette Z06 x BC Forged HB29 x Toyo R888R

The C7 corvette is no stranger to us. We actually at this point in time OWN a C7 Gransport (feature coming soon). The Z06 is the big brother to our own car, sharing MOST of the same parts minus the heart of the beast. The Z06 and and C7 for that matter is what the term “bang for the buck” shows you in the dictionary when you look it up.

There is NO better car for the money that can take on Mclaren, Ferrari, Porsche, ANYTHING you can really think of. The Corvette IS competitive. One thing all of us Corvette guys really love is traction. This set up is a different look/take on the R888R set up we run on our own car. The R888R is basically a street legal slick.

Enter Julio’s C7 Z06 in a very unique color and add some SERIOUS wheels/rubber and you have truly a winning combination. Now onto the details! (look how meaty that is!!)

Wheel Design:
BC Forged HB29

Gloss Black Lip
Matte Black Face
Hidden Hardware

Front: 19×10.5 +35 with a 295/30r19
Rear: 19×12 +50 with a 345/30r19

Car info: 
C7 Z06 Z07 w/ CCB option

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos: @lifeintheotherlane
Owner: @juliorinsta

Customer Spotlight: Jason’s C7 Corvette Gransport x BC Forged RS45

The Corvette is a car we hold near and dear to heart. I grew up around them and I happen to own a 2019 Corvette Grandsport while I write this article on one of my Corvette brothers! The C7 is the pinnacle of the front engine Corvette. It does NOT get much better than the Grandsport either. More details to come on my feelings of the car in our shop C7 feature post coming soon.

The one flaw, the wheels. Chevy really dropped the ball on the factory wheels. The factory are a known issue (cracking, bending, etc). Jason trusted us to make his wheel woes go away. Enter the BC Forged RS45. A lightweight fully forged set up with a TON of concave for a Corvette, and shown here fitting OEM tire specs. For the money BC Forged cannot be beat.

Now onto the fun part, the specs:

Wheel Design:
BC Forged RS45

Gloss Black

19×10 +30
20×12 +50

Car info: 
2019 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
Stock Steel brakes

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos: @laglenn63
Owner: Jason Wright