Customer Spotlight: David’s S550 x Rohana RFX5

The S550 is a platform we know and love. Joe our social media director happens to own one as well! The chassis itself is very capable, and for wheels you can fit some pretty wide rubber. Shown here is David’s Procharged 3.7 Mustang. When he came to us he wanted something strong, light and would not kill his budget.

After some deliberation, Rohana RFX series was chosen, and specifically the RFX5. Shown here in your typical perfect 20×10/11 fitment for the S550. Flowform technology brings strength and lightweight to customers who don’t necessarily want to spend forged money on wheels. Rohana knocks it out of the park with their RFX line up.

For more details see below:

Wheel Design:
Rohana RFX5

Matte Black

20×10 ET40
20×11 ET48

Car info: 
2016 Ford Mustang

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos: @johnnycantu956
Owner: @mmagnetic2016 

Customer Spotlight: SQUAD Driven’s S550 Mustang x RSR Forged R901

The S550 Mustang, a car we know very well. Our own Joe Hoye actually owns a 2016 GT. So we have a vested interest in the S550 mustang community. We are always looking for new, exciting, and quality options for our customers. Enter RSR wheels.

When you think of forged 1 piece wheels the first things that come to mind are:

How long am I going to wait!?
How bad is this going to hurt my wallet!?

RSR’s answers:

Currently as off 2020, Off the shelf and ready to ship in the titanium finish for $2,820.00 SHIPPED

Wheel Design:
RSR R901

Brushed Titanium

20×10 +35
20×11 +50

Car info: 
S550 Mustang GT
Performance Package Brakes

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos: @wastegatemedia
Owner: @asa_5.0 / @squad_driven

Some fun technology information on RSR’s wheel process and features:

Stay tuned for more with RSR and Wheel Lab!

Customer Spotlight: Rich’s S197 GT500 x Forgestar M14

When you think of multi piece wheels, sometimes your wallet just, well hurts. In the case of the M14 though, you would be seriously surprised if I told you this set retails for $750 per wheel! The M14 is a very uniquely built wheel as well. 2 piece bolt together using a flowform face and barrel with a forged lip.

Built To Your Specifications
Custom Bolt Patterns
Modular Construction Rotary Forged Center and Inner Barrel
Forged Rolled Lip
Clears most big brake kits

Now, onto the details!

Wheel Style:
Forgestar M14

Bronze burst face
Polished lip
Polished hardware

19×9.5 et37 – 1” lip front
19×11 et 47 – 2.5” lip rear

2010 Ford Mustang GT500 
Lowering springs 
Stock Brembo brakes

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If you don’t look back at it, do you really love the car? We know Rich does!

Words by: James T. Curtis
Owner: Rich Evans
Photographer: Nicholas Atwell

Link to more pics on Forgestar’s gallery

Customer Spotlight: Chelsea’s S550 x Rotiform and Air Lift

The S550 Mustang was a huge hit for Ford, and for us as a company. Even our own Joe Hoye succumbed to Bald Eagle Fever and got himself a S550 GT as well! When we think of the new S550 we think progress. Finally a Mustang with the fit and finish to go with the look and the power.

Chelsea wanted to have a flush, drive-able set up that retained performance while going low and a unique set of wheels to really complete her look. We knew right away air ride was going to be a nice compliment for her, especially with the wheel choice pick! 3 piece concave Rotiform KPS. One of the most unique split 5 spoke designs we have to offer. Now, onto the details of her set up!

Wheel Style:
Rotiform KPS 
3 piece forged concave 
Rear Load Rim Parts 

Matte black face 
Gloss black lip 
Gold bolts
Black inner barrel 
Red caps

19×10 et40
19×11 et48

2017 Mustang GT
Cut for 6 piston OEM Brembo Brakes
Air Lift Performance Suspension front and rear with 3p Management w/ 3/8″ lines

Wheels: Purchase Here
Suspension: Purchase Here
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Words by: James T. Curtis
Owner: @chelsealynn_18
Photographer: @leos550

Customer Spotlight: A Perfect Foxbody Mustang?

When you are a kid growing up in America in the 80’s and 90’s as a car enthusiast it was a wild time for automotive styling. The foxbody mustang was no exception as long running platform and one of my favorites for the Mustang. The strong boxy look and the legendary 5.0 power plant have cemented the foxbody Mustang as a nostalgic car for me. Also, lets face it… all of us have memories one way or another (if you grew up when I did) in a foxbody Mustang doing hood-rat shit with your friends.

I have ALWAYS been fond of the notch back cars. I have ALWAYS wanted to build one, but have been distracted by other projects. Enter our customer’s perfect vision of a foxbody mustang. I could not have tailored a 5.0 much better myself, I have always had the mantra less is more with the 5.0. Shown here is this beautiful notchback on some CCW D110s by us here at Wheel Lab.

Wheels – Specs:
CCW D110
Front: 18×8.5 ET25
Rear: 18×10 ET25

Wheels – Finishes:
Face: Gunmetal Matte
Lip: Polished
Barrel : Black matte
Bolts : Gold

Available in 16″, 17″ and 18″ diameters, the D110 is custom made to order. Choose your 4 or 5 lug bolt pattern, offset, backspace and any of CCW’s custom color options. If you have any more questions or would like pricing on this custom forged CCW wheel – Contact us immediately! 978-219-9060 |

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Yo ice, Still got the 5-0?

Words by James T Curtis
Photos by Leroy Ortiz