Customer Spotlight: Alan’s C6 Corvette Z06 x Forgestar F14

When you think about the C6 Corvette, the 7 liter Z06 stands CLEARLY out in my mind as one of my favorites. In fact, I went into a dealer to look at a used one this year and left with a C7 Grandsport! (Story for another time).

The factory wheels and specs leave a lot to be desired. When Alan came to us for a great fitting, lightweight and all around quality option that didn’t kill his wallet, the Forgestar F14 was a perfect match. The specs we did 19×10 +30 and 20×12 +50 allow for a wide array of tires. 285/30r19 and 335/25r20 are the norm for this set up. Customer’s can and will try other sizes as well like the 345/30r20 shown here on Alan’s car in back. The color Alan really wanted something cool and different. We decided quickly on the brushed DDT.

Wheel Design:
Forgestar F14
Deep concave

Brushed DDT

19×10 et30 Front 
20×12 et50 Rear

Car info: 
C6 Z06 corvette
Stock steel brakes

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos: @tossed.reel
Owner: @alan_outdoors