Customer Spotlight: Gabriel’s ULTIMATE 2020 Ultima RS x BC Forged KL11

When I saw the new Ultima RS kit come out, the inner child in me went wild. A kit car of epic proportions. Building a kit car for myself is certainly a dream. GT40’s, Factory Five Cobra’s and Daytona’s all pique my interest. However, the Ultima RS has captivated my primordial need for a build it yourself ULITMATE racer car. A real hypercar competitor that you can assemble yourself at home and power with various amazing American small block motors. Gabriel’s car is essentially what I would want to build for myself, the 1000HP Built LT5 crate engine included! The no compromise, ultimate bang for your buck scenario is WAY too good to deny. Not many new cars really blow me away these days. This Ultima for me is just on another level. Needless to say when we had the chance to do a set of BC Forged KL11’s on Gabriel’s, we were beyond thrilled. BC Forged really matches the build of this car nicely. Awesome performance, true light-weight forged, and awesome quality without killing your entire wallet.

Without further delay – onto the details!


BC Forged KL11


19×10 +69

19×12 +35

5×112 PCD


Brushed Black


2020 Ultima GTRS

AP Racing BBK

Words by James T Curtis

Customer: @Ultima_RS

Photographer: @lakebluz

Want to see a full in-depth look at this insane Ultima RS? Check out his YouTube!