Customer Spotlight: Jason’s C7 Corvette Gransport x BC Forged RS45

The Corvette is a car we hold near and dear to heart. I grew up around them and I happen to own a 2019 Corvette Grandsport while I write this article on one of my Corvette brothers! The C7 is the pinnacle of the front engine Corvette. It does NOT get much better than the Grandsport either. More details to come on my feelings of the car in our shop C7 feature post coming soon.

The one flaw, the wheels. Chevy really dropped the ball on the factory wheels. The factory are a known issue (cracking, bending, etc). Jason trusted us to make his wheel woes go away. Enter the BC Forged RS45. A lightweight fully forged set up with a TON of concave for a Corvette, and shown here fitting OEM tire specs. For the money BC Forged cannot be beat.

Now onto the fun part, the specs:

Wheel Design:
BC Forged RS45

Gloss Black

19×10 +30
20×12 +50

Car info: 
2019 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
Stock Steel brakes

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos: @laglenn63
Owner: Jason Wright