Customer Spotlight: Jorge’s Silverado x 24×14 American Force Flux SS

When we first met Jorge we worked with him on his Accord Sport on 3 piece Meisters. So when he told us he wanted to do a Silverado 1500, we knew we were in for a treat. Out of all the brands we sell, we decided upon American Force. The pinnacle of high end truck wheels.

We quickly learned Jorge wasn’t messing around when he ordered a 7-9″ lift and said 37’s were his ticket to lifted truck paradise. The Flux from American Force was the choice in the super single set up. Huge lip, high polished, nothing better to set this truck off in our minds.

American Force we actually stock on the shelf in certain designs that can be found here. Which is awesome considering the “normal” wait time is 4-10 weeks! Now our favorite part of this process: the details!

Wheel Style:
American Force
Flux F30 Super Single Series (SS)

Full Polished

24×14 -73

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
McGaughy’s 7-9″ Lift
37×13.50R24 RBP Mud terrain

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Owner: @J.rge
Photographer: @junikills