Customer Spotlight: Julio’s C7 Corvette Z06 x BC Forged HB29 x Toyo R888R

The C7 corvette is no stranger to us. We actually at this point in time OWN a C7 Gransport (feature coming soon). The Z06 is the big brother to our own car, sharing MOST of the same parts minus the heart of the beast. The Z06 and and C7 for that matter is what the term “bang for the buck” shows you in the dictionary when you look it up.

There is NO better car for the money that can take on Mclaren, Ferrari, Porsche, ANYTHING you can really think of. The Corvette IS competitive. One thing all of us Corvette guys really love is traction. This set up is a different look/take on the R888R set up we run on our own car. The R888R is basically a street legal slick.

Enter Julio’s C7 Z06 in a very unique color and add some SERIOUS wheels/rubber and you have truly a winning combination. Now onto the details! (look how meaty that is!!)

Wheel Design:
BC Forged HB29

Gloss Black Lip
Matte Black Face
Hidden Hardware

Front: 19×10.5 +35 with a 295/30r19
Rear: 19×12 +50 with a 345/30r19

Car info: 
C7 Z06 Z07 w/ CCB option

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos: @lifeintheotherlane
Owner: @juliorinsta