Customer Spotlight: Klassen ID CS35S – Curly’s Ferrari 488

When Curly asked us for a new look for the 488, we knew he needed something classy and different. Something you don’t see on every Ferrari. We explored things like HRE, ADV1, Rotiform Forged, AGL and that’s when we landed on Klassen ID. The CS35S was a PERFECT clean yet classy and simple design that would compliment the contour of the 488, while not taking away from the car itself.

Once we were locked in on the style and stance, we knew a 21″ front 22″ rear set up was the move. Yes people, I said it.. 21 and 22 inch wheels on a Ferrari?! When you see them on the car, it really doesn’t too look big.. at all.

Now this is where it gets interesting. About 3 months after Curly got his wheels on, he asked us what color the faces should go for his Spyder. We thought he was joking! Once Curly decided on making the faces pop a bit more and put them on the Spyder, we fell in love all over again! Enter his newly acquired 488 Spyder and Sapphire Blue Faces on the CS35S wheels. Talk about perfection.

Wheel Style:
Klassen ID CS35S

Satin Gold Face (brushed sapphire blue round 2)
Polished lip
Chrome Hardware

21×9.5 et35 front
22×12.5 et36 rear

Ferrari 488 GTB – round 1

Ferrari 488 Spyder – round 2

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Owner: @curly_phom
Photographer: @photosbypacheco