Customer Spotlight: Matt’s Raptor x BC Forged LE65

Who doesn’t love a Ford F150 Raptor? One of the few EXCITING trucks left in this world for horsepower hungry car enthusiasts who want a truck! Enter our customer Matt. He wanted something different. A forged set with a nice lip and lots of concave. Unique color combo and a brand not every one runs that does not cost $7k+.

BC Forged’s new off-road line was the CLEAR winner to us. The LE65 gave us a GREAT base to work with. 3-5 weeks to your door, no up-charges on custom finishes or concave. How do you beat it for the price? You cant!

Now, onto the details! Like seeing what you can expect getting? BC is great about that. Check out this 2D Drawing of Customer’s Wheels (48 hrs after purchase this is sent to all BC Forged customers)

Want to see your custom wheels BEFORE they ship? BC has your back there too! Completion Photo: (Sent for every set 3-4 weeks after order)

Closeup on the truck:

Wheel Style:
BC Forged LE65
Register Shift Face

Brushed dark black lip
Gloss black face
Black hardware

22×12 -44 

2020 Ford Raptor
Leveling Kit and 35×12.5r22

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Jurassic LE65

Words by: James T. Curtis
Owner/Photographer: Matthew Gabriel – @alumiboosted