Customer Spotlight: Mondo’s WRX x BC Forged LE81

In this industry you meet A LOT different people. At wheel lab we encounter people from every walk of life and every different kind of taste you can imagine. That is honestly part of the fun! It is always so amazing taking part in an automotive adventure bringing our customer’s dream builds to life with the most important part. The stance.

Stephen Mondary Aka “Mondo” is a rad dude who can appreciate the artistic creativity we enjoy here at Wheel Lab. I love working with people who also view their car as a canvas. We assist with color theory, face profile options, as well as the actual fitment on the car. This car is no different, defined by its owner’s personal taste. Brought to life out of the love and passion of being a car enthusiast. Now, onto the process.

BC Forged LE81

18×11 -20 5×100 square
LE flat lip style
Flush mount face

Gloss bronze face
Brushed bronze lip
Chrome bolts

First step of a BC Forged Order: Engineering Drawings
One of our FAVORITE parts of this process starts typically within 48 hours of our order. We have already helped you pick your dream wheels and its time to see them come to life and starts right here. – BC Forged is EFFICIENT and RELIABLE at 3-5 weeks to your door.

Within the first 48 hours your wheels are engineered and a 2D drawing is sent for you to daydream about the final product. You get to see a REAL view of the concave/lip sizes you will be getting. This service is unique to BC Forged. BC Forged creates all their forgings in house to the highest standards. Controlling the process and allowing for some of the best turn around in the business.

BC Forged is also unique in the fact that they DO NOT charge you extra for things like concave or custom finishing unlike many of their competitors. Plus, there is no question of how your wheels will turn out. Example: Shown here you can see the level of concave, the depth of the lip, as well as the depth of the center cap. BC leaves no guess work.

Step 2: Completion Photo
About 3-5 weeks later… BOOM Completion photo and tracking within 24 hours of completion! These guys are more than good! THEY ARE CONSISTENT! Not to mention the NO UP-CHARGES on custom finishes or concave levels! Impossible to beat for the money! Shown here is a brushed bronze lip, one of our favorite colors BC has to offer.

Step 3 – Break necks and the internet!
My actual favorite part, the fruit of the labor. The first day the wheels go on the car! Personally I love how this WRX turned out. Want to step up to Mondo’s level? Contact us. Meanwhile, enjoy some killer photo’s of Mondo’s WRX here below. Contact us for any questions on BC Forged!

Phone: 978-219-9060
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Owner instagram: @subie.doobie.doooo / @mondotattooer
Photos supplied by @samigelii
Words by James T Curtis