Goodbye S4

Today we said goodbye to our shop S4; it will be going to a good home with @kristin__lena. Goodbyes are always hard, but luckily this is more of a “see you later” type of deal. Kristin is local to us, so keep an eye out for it at car shows. We can’t wait to see … Continue reading “Goodbye S4”

@forevr_the_sickest_kid x Mini Clubman

Photos and words by Melissa Curtis (@missamagnificent) Spring is naturally a magical time of year for car enthusiast. Time to put away that daily driver, wipe the dust (or car cover) off of your sleeping beauty (err, car), and throw on that new set of wheels. Yes, the ones you have been waiting all winter … Continue reading “@forevr_the_sickest_kid x Mini Clubman”