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New Product: ADV1 AVD5.0 Flowspec in stock for C6/7 Corvette Grandsport/Z06!

SUPER excited to say ADV1 FINALLY has the ADV 5.0 Flowspec in stock for the C6/7 Gs/Z cars in 19×10+30 and 19×12 +50 which works AWESOME with Toyo R888R tires in 295/30 and 345/30.

MSRP in either color is $2460 +tax where applicable, BUT we have a special discount available for customers NOW! Visit here to request a quote! We also have a stingray friendly 19×9.5 and 20×11 fitment available at the same cost.

The ADV5.0 is a widely split 5 spoke that lends itself perfectly to performance coupes and sport sedans. Flow Spec is a manufacturing process known by many names such as flow forging and flow forming. This process allows for a stronger and lighter weight wheel over a traditional cast wheel. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to determine the best fitments for your vehicle.

Theses preselected wheel fitments are readily available in two standard finishes you can choose from, Platinum Black and Satin Black, with no wait times. However, if your vehicle isn’t listed or you’d like to select your own custom width, offset, we offer a complete bespoke program that also gives you access to ADV.1’s full range of over fifty finish options.

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So what do you guys think? Should we put a set on on of our cars?

ADV1 describes the ADV005 Flow Spec Wheel as a bowed out split five spoke design that can most frequently be seen on luxury sports cars. Its angular silhouette perfectly complements the modern and aggressive styling found on the world’s most aerodynamic performance vehicles. Available in our recommended 20” and 21” fitments, in 3 standard finishes, Platinum Black, Satin Black, and Brushed with Silver Windows with no wait times. If you desire a wheel that is custom tailored to your vehicle in terms of fit and finish we’ve got you covered with our Bespoke Program. Choose your width, offset, and any of ADV.1’s fifty custom color options.

Coming soon to the site for purchase! Interested now? Email or call 978-219-9060