Customer Spotlight: Alan’s C6 Corvette Z06 x Forgestar F14

When you think about the C6 Corvette, the 7 liter Z06 stands CLEARLY out in my mind as one of my favorites. In fact, I went into a dealer to look at a used one this year and left with a C7 Grandsport! (Story for another time).

The factory wheels and specs leave a lot to be desired. When Alan came to us for a great fitting, lightweight and all around quality option that didn’t kill his wallet, the Forgestar F14 was a perfect match. The specs we did 19×10 +30 and 20×12 +50 allow for a wide array of tires. 285/30r19 and 335/25r20 are the norm for this set up. Customer’s can and will try other sizes as well like the 345/30r20 shown here on Alan’s car in back. The color Alan really wanted something cool and different. We decided quickly on the brushed DDT.

Wheel Design:
Forgestar F14
Deep concave

Brushed DDT

19×10 et30 Front 
20×12 et50 Rear

Car info: 
C6 Z06 corvette
Stock steel brakes

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Gotta represent!

Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos: @tossed.reel
Owner: @alan_outdoors

Customer Spotlight: FD RX7 x Super Deep Concave Forgestar F14

There is just something about the FD RX7 I will always love. When Josh approached us about this set of F14’s, it was originally intended for a Mazdaspeed3. However, the specs were just a touch too much for the Speed3.

18×9.5 +18 front | 18×9.5 +15 rear 

Information on the Forgestar Flowform Line

  • Built to your specifications
  • Custom bolt patterns
  • Monoblock construction
  • Rotary formed flow formed barrel
  • Lightweight
  • Semi-deep, deep ,and super deep concave face profile
  • Clears most big brake kits
  • Wide range of wheel widths
  • Great range of offsets

Needless to say, when they showed up on his bagged FD RX7 instead, we were psyched! If you have any questions or would like pricing on this set up, please visit the links below or contact us immediately!

Wheels: Purchase Here
Contact Us:
978-219-9060 |

Wheels: Purchase Here

Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos: @redherringphotography
Owner: @thatbaggedfd